XRE Global

The Future Of Digital Real Estate

XRE Global is a fully operational blockchain company

Real Estate Partners

Morrison Wilson

Huios Realtors (Africa)

Huios Realtors is a firm based in Lagos state, Nigeria, Africa. Founded in 2014 and registered in 2018. Huios is a growing Firm with a Unique, Quality and Professional Service Established to serve everyone around the world. The main lines of business activities are Real Estate (land speculation, Property Consultant, Estate development & Property acquisition) and Blockchain Tokenomics.

Join XRE Global

XRE is partnering with real estate companies and agents from around the world. In order to learn about each global market. In order to build the XRE blockchain for every market in the world we must learn the good and bad of each market. Working directly with those that are on the ground in each country gives XRE a better way to help with support for housing and those who are in need of shelter, a way to register property or a better way of life from what each person has right now. The aspect of giving these companies / agents a platform to a global marketing for themselves.  

Currently there is no global platforms that allows sales and finance of real estate through blockchain

XRE Token / XRE Global

XRE is a blockchain and crypto project that develops the solutions to the problems that are involved with the current real estate and financial industry.

Our main objectives is registering properties on blockchain globally, the development of real estate sales, buying and selling, decentrilized finance, traditional finance, tokenization.  XRE is not limited to any improvements that will further develop any industry that is directly connected to our main objective.

The goal for XRE to become a household name is to have every person that rents, mortgages a property, buys or sells a home the benifits of using XRE blockchain and the XRE token. 

The quickest way to  catch up and pass the current industry leaders  is to create mass adoption, XRE Global will own the businesses that will use the XRE token and blockchain technologies.

Here are a few of the businesses that XRE Global is currently working on or have already started.
Xbuying, Quibula, XRE properties, XREfi, (no current business names picked for) property management, land purchases and development, short term rental properties. Apartment building, On the website you will find the details of each business.

It is important for XRE to be able to build on these companies as we are able to impliment  blockchain and crypto. 

XRE Global is very early into the XREtech. We are aware of certin restrictions on blockchain and crypto from different government agencies globally.  XRE Global will continue to build, XREtech will already have a working product by the time the current empires start to work on blockchain.  We will impliment in the countries where we can and when other countries open up to blockchain we will help create a safe and secure registry for real estate using the XRE blockchain. 



Xbuying is the heart of XRE Global.  Xbuying is a new technology connecting blockchain with instant buying online. Properties will be bought using the Xbuying website at a lower fee than the traditional platforms. Bought properties will be resold, used for rental properties, XRE can be used as payments, short term rentals in hot spots that will be able to generate returns. 

Benifites of a XRE holder

Benifits of being a XRE token holder allows you to. 

  • Qualify for free nights at short term rental properties. 
  • Staking the XRE token for a % depending on how long you stake
  • Discounts on all XRE Global owned rental properties 
  • Pay your mortgage or rent with XRE on all XRE Global companies


Simply just building the technology alone could take decades to implement. You must find partners that are willing to use the technology, or even understand what blockchain is, have access to users infrastructure, being able to experiment with a companies operations to find what works and what doesn’t, along with several other hurdles. In order to adopt the development along quicker we have decided to create XRE Global, we will run the businesses separately,  that will adopt xretech, smart contract as well as use xre as a payment structure in every operation. So here is the real question. How can XREtech be implemented in a few years and be used world wide? Well, it is rather complex, it consists of several different companies that will all run on the XRE Blockchain of the future. They all feed off of each other in order to grow each other. You may think that this may be impossible , it’s not, there are several divisions that work off of the same platform, that connect to each other and serve as a boost for the complete development

The real estate industry is years behind the rest of the worlds industries. XRE will change the real estate and finance industry the same way technology has changed the way we buy music, movies and the way we buy goods.

XRE Global features

Real time stats

Block chain is the best way to to keep up with your transactions with live data. See your payment move from your wallet to wallet insta time.

World is our office

Earn XRE for buying or selling on the XRE platform. Join us as an agent, title company or mortgage company. Bring on new people to our platform and get rewarded.

Safe and Secure

Decentralized servers are secure, faster and unhackable. There is no central point of failure.

Amazingly responsive

XRE Global runs on the Tron network. Transactions run every 3 seconds with a confirmation time of 66 seconds.

Community builder

Hiring for the future and for the now. The world is our office. Always interested in talented people with great potential and desire to be innovative

Easy to use

The world of video explainers will help you with each and every step along the way. As always our agents are available for helping as well.

Agents join XRE with free advertizing

XRE is offering free global presence for agents and brokers that want to be recognized. There are no fees. Get seen by clients, from around the world. Post your listed properties.

XRE Token

Owning the XRE token is not based off of the performance or profitability of XRE Global. XRE token is a utility token that is based on it’s use case. XRE tokens will be used for fees, band width, power, launch smart contracts, governance and more. XRE token is also used to make rent, mortgage payments. XRE Global are the businesses that are adopting xretech. The success of XRE Global does not rely on XRE token nor is XRE token reliant  on XRE Global for existence