XRE Global

The Future Of Digital Real Estate

XRE Global is a fully operated blockchain company

Unregistered vs registered properties
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The estimated worth of unregistered properties in the world. XRE Global, together with block chain technology is taking on this market. 

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Digital Marketing

The estimated amount of the entire worlds registered properties. XRE will learn from from the current platforms out there. Then we will use blochchain and smart contracts to fine tune the world of buying and selling homes. 

Fully automated Global purchasing websites.

XRE Global is moving into the fully automated world of real estate. purchasing, mortgage, renting and commercial.  

The world is our dirt!!


XRE development

The standard of the real estate world will be tested by using block chain and smart contract technology. Every day transactions will start with XRE buying, selling, rehabbing, building properties globally. Building the technology from the inside out.  The purchases of assets will revolutionize the way XRE will make transactions.  Smart contract will be used to fill out applications, make payments, build XRE credit with your wallet address after KYC process.

Rental XRE Properties

XRE goals are to bring together every aspect of the real estate market. XRE will buy, build and acquire rental properties. Creating a full online process fully backed by block chain. Landlords, add your rental to our platform. Fully backed back round checks, rental history. Now the future is brighter with smart contracts. See rental history on the block chain. 



Mass adoption will only occur if every corner of the real estate indutsry is covered. Applying its technology to only aspect of the industry, as most other project are set out to accomplish. Will create a much larger problem.  Several divisions of real estate exist in the world and they must all be combined in one block chain, to create a unified system. 

The real estate industry is years behind the rest of the worlds industries. XRE will change the real estate industry the same way technology has changed the way we buy music, movies and the way we buy goods.

XRE Global features

Real time stats

Block chain is the best way to to keep up with your transactions with live data. See your payment move from your wallet to wallet insta time.

World is our office

Earn XRE for buying or selling on the XRE platform. Join us as an agent, title company or mortgage company. Bring on new people to our platform and get rewarded.

Safe and Secure

Decentralized servers are secure, faster and unhackable. There is no central point of failure.

Amazingly responsive

XRE Global runs on the Tron network. Transactions run every 3 seconds with a confirmation time of 66 seconds.

Community builder

Hiring for the future and for the now. The world is our office. Always interested in talented people with great potential and desire to be innovative

Easy to use

The world of video explainers will help you with each and every step along the way. As always our agents are available for helping as well.

Agents join XRE with free advertizing

XRE is offering free global presence for agents and brokers that want to be recognized. There are no fees. Get seen by clients, from around the world. Post your listed properties.

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