A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

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XRE is a technology foundation that will bring together of every day life together with block chain and smart contracts. Making it faster, more secure, transparent from the current ways of today. 

XRE Global

A block chain company changing the way we buy and sell real estate. Using block chain and Smart contracts. Use XRE or your favorite fiat as payment

XRE Properties

A division of XRE. We are a website dedicated to allowing real state agents to advertise their own listed properties to the world for free.

Tarquin XRE Team

Tarquin is a real estate sales team that are currently selling real estate under the Keller Williams Brokerage. We are recruiting agents globally to be part of our team. Grow and learn about how block chain will help our company in the near future

XRE Buildings

XRE building division will own building. These buildings will be our test subjects in order to implement block chain and smart contracts into every day operations. ndustry leader business

Use case

XRE will be used in every day life. There will be no limits on how or where XRE will be used. Use to buy properties, goods for homes, services, down payments and agent fees just to name a couple. In some cases your airdrops may pay off your mortgage. We will show the world how using XRE and smart contracts will be beneficial for all

tarquin foundation

Tarquin Foundation will be directly linked to XRE Global. We will be the technical leader that the real estate world needs. Helping those who need help the most. Giving back to the communities. Housing needs and improving communities.

XRE Development

Development into the tomorrow will begin with XRE. Allowing for rehabbing of old property and new construction. XRE division will own properties, we will accept XRE on payments adn sales of properties that we own. XRE mortgage will allow token holders the chance to own properties using XRE. Every transaction will be recorded on the block chain using smart contracts.

Undeeded Properties

Creating new clients globally. Millions of acres, houses across the world have no legal authorization of ownership. XRE will help these governments and individuals record their properties on the block chain. Allowing for new markets while creating new customers.

XRE Title

What better way to create a massive number of transactions onto the block chain than owning the title company. Recording every transaction on the block chain. The most difficult transactions in real estate deals is the title process. XRE Title will mimic todays title process and improve the way we record titles, faster and more secure with the transparency you deserve.

Development of small business owners

Small business owner usually come as brilliant thinkers as well as go doers. Capital and current regulations seems to be a stopping point for some. XRE will dedicate time and resources to business development centers to help those starting out legally.

Earn XRE

Take advantage of being a XRE token holder. The benefits are quite wonderful. Ever wanted to go on vacation and have a few nights for free? Want to use XRE for a house payment? XRE allows you these benefits plus more.

How to own property in other countries

XRE properties will connect the world together to make buying and selling seamless. Along with block chain and smart contracts. Laws and regulations take in effect with every country. XRE will qualify each individual to keep with in guidelines.

Increase adoption

 XRE the best chance to be a dominate force in Real Estate globally. Today there are over 30 block chain real estate projects trying to mass adopt the two together. XRE along with our partners will excel this movement and become a dominate block chain project. 

XRE Grows

XRE has been growing and so has our team. We look forward to being recognized in the real estate and tech world as an industry leader. Always seeking those who are amazing stand outs in the industry. A combination of talent and desire to learn and produce will excel XRE into the future

joining XRE real estate team

XRE is accepting agents and brokers globally to join our team. Get global presence. No matter if you sell commercial or residential. XRE wants to talk with you. A Keller Williams & National Association of Realtors member.