Buying and selling with block chain and smart contract

XRE Global

XRE will connect the world of real estate globally. Allowing for a seem less, transparent, more secure way to buy from multiple countries. Block chain and XRE are changing the way we buy, sell, rent, build, record titles, sell as agents and mortgaging properties. In order for XRE to be successful globally, technology alone must be combined with several divisions to create mass adoption.  The fact of the matter is 96% of the worlds population do not care about the technology that makes something work better, faster or more secure. They just want it to work and work better than the last technology. That is XREs mission.

Purchase properties

Purchasing properties around the world is the goal for XRE Global. Today there is a major barrier that prevents people to buy and sell across borders. Together with block chain and smart contracts. XRE will innovate the way everyone is able to purchase real estate. Block chain gives us the ability to have a secure, transparent with live data and unchangeable document system.  Real estate technology as an industry is behind the rest of the world such as music and movies. Twenty years ago we had to go to a store to buy music and movies. Today we buy music and movies with the push of a button. XRE will create the same for real estate.  

Real Estate team
Expand our brand

Tarquin XRE

Tarquin XRE is a real estate team under the brokerage of Keller Williams realty. Tarquin will brandish the symbol of XRE Global. Tarquin will recruit agents from 50 U.S. states as well as 29 countries around the world.  This division is important for XRE as we are able to to have a global presence. as we will expand our team and our name.

BUilding for the future

XRE Development

XRE development will allow for block chain to be used as an every day use case. XRE will buy apartment buildings to test a fully operational block chain platform. These buildings will allow for 100% operational block chain building. Earn XRE, pay with XRE as well as using the XRE Global website to run an entire process of leasing.  DAPP (Decentralized app)

BUilding for the future

Survinging as a company.

XRE Global will not just be another block chain / crypto venture. Current projects lack the ability for consumers to use them directly. Most projects require you to develop a developers code in order to get rewards or benefits. XRE Global is different. We believe in bringing the technology to the people. Create a user friendly product where people can use that is safer and more transparent than they already use.

Creating profits that will fund our projects, allows for us to advance our technology, buy back our tokens. Purchase further developments. Creating enough flow to become an even more power technology company. 

Block chain for the masses


Creating the block chain from the inside out. XRE will purchase apartment buildings. Tenants will earn XRE when they use the Dapp.  XRE Creates every step with block chain on a Dapp (Decentralized app) from the application, deposits, paying for rent (with XRE), move outs. XRE will show a real use case on how using block chain works, how it benefits all apartment owners. We will hire agents globally from our site of agents when finding properties. 


Untitled Properties

Xre Global will help with countries and nations that do not have a land registry system. Properties will be recorded on the block chain with XRE. 

Professional Consultation




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