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Changing the way you buy and sell real estate globally.
Experience step one to step move-in on one site.
Every title transaction will be recorded on block chain

Join our team and get global exposure, as well as global customers.

XRE is bringing the world of real estate globally together as one. As it should have been 10 years ago. The need for cross border sales are increasing every year.

The industry is plagued with wire fraud and title fraud from individuals and 3rd party businesses.  XRE will show the world how block chain and smart contracts are changing the way we buy and sell forever, by recording titles on the block chain. A verified, unchangeable system that will speed up the process.  


Connecting agents from around the world. Find them easily, connect and sell


Every city is unique in it's own way. Connect with those that know it the best.

Shopping center

Connect with your commercial real estate broker with accurate up to date listing.

Kids education

The Tarquin Foundation is giving back to children to educate, excite and bring a brighter future


Find a contractor to build your new house. Make home improvements or mow your yard.


Search for properties with the amenities that you want in a house.

XRE for agents

The best type of advertising is free advertising. List your properties on our XRE properties website and get global presence no matter where you list from.  Sign up for XRE properties.


Our goal is to not to have the largest real estate team, but to have the best educated, motivated, producing agents in the world. Creating a network of agents from every country. 

 List your properties, get noticed, get sold. 


Licensed states

State we have filed with.


We pride ourselves on being helpful and knowledgeable in the Real estate world.  Every customer is unique. Every situation is not the same. When you work with Tarquin XRE Team members. We will give you quality service that will help you make the best choices. 


XRE will offer a range of various services. 

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