Finding your next home can be challenging. Tarquin will help you with your next property search. Tarquin has access to over 29 countries and regions world wide. Tarquin XRE is powered by KW. Here are some stats below on why we are  part of Keller Williams. Consider being a part of our Team. 

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Global Presence

A global presence is the greatest way to get seen and to gain client. Creating a real estate team across the world will send our message out faster with higher education to all agents.  Tarquin is ready to hit the big market with the biggest backing in the world, block chain and smart contracts. Ready to buy a home with XRE? Contact us on how. 

Scholarships For New Agents Continuing Education For Existing Agents

There are many talented future Real estate agents in the world. 90% of new real estate agents quit and leave the industry all together way before they even get to finish off their first year. Some of the reasons for this quick exit is lack of training. While many real estate companies claim to have the greatest training in the world. This training does not always fair well for new agents. 


Tarquin XRE will bring on talented members, people who have had success in other industries, as well as those who have started and are still looking for that satisfaction of their original dreams. 


Tarquin XRE will pay for schooling and or continuing education for up to 1000 members with in a 3 year time. new members will be selected from any country or state that Keller Williams has a current office in. Training does not stop with school, as we will work with every agent to schedule out their days and weeks. Tarquin will show how to create leads. How to work with the leads that are given to the my Tarquin. We want everyone on our team to work together, be in a family atmosphere.  

Drones in homes

We understand that in today’s markets utilizing every marketing tool possible will make the difference. Professional drone footage of your home gives the buyer a bird eye view of your home. Pictures alone are not enough for the average buyer any more. People want to feel like they are walking though the house. Drone footage along with 3D viewing are the future. 

Licensed states

State we have filed with.

How it connects

Creating a platform where we are connected with millions of agents around the world will spread the name of XRE and give us the opportunity to educate these agents with 

Free education on how to sell properties using Block chain and smart contracts. 

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