Quantity will never override quality

XRE believes the high quality  will always override the quantity of a team. Giving a higher ownership to each member. A better understanding in standards. Hiring the most knowledgeable, experienced  members is the key to success. Robert works directly with each member and brings out  the best from each individual. Going over and beyond, 

The root of the problem is always the problem

very few look at the systems problems

The world looks at a problem to fix a problem.  We at  XRE look at the root of the problem in order to “fix” the problem. XRE looks to fix several real world problems with real estate and it’s several divisions. Advisers, mentors, team members and experienced analysis will help XRE develop these changes faster with better results than anyone before us. 

Robert Tarquin


Jehad Kahn

Marketing Graphic Designer

Luke Tarquin

Construction Development

Jason Neely

Block Chain Developer

Ron Zavgelsky

Block Chain Developer

Hamza Atrari

Block Chain Developer

our work inspires smiles

The Faces Behind Our Success