X buying

Instant buying of properties on the blockchain

instant buying

- instant buying online
- new markets are coming
- 6% fee for buying
- 2% - 3% charge for closing costs
- each property can be NFT for future digital sales


- selected properties will be used for Rentals
- XRE tokens, fiat and selected stable coins will be accepted for payment.
- each property will be registered on the blochchain

Short Term Rental

- stay in a short term rental.
- XRE holders will be able for free stays
- select areas where markets are a desirable location will be selected
- rent daily or up to monthly

Sell properties

- Quibula a search website that will list properties to buy and sell. (name may change before launch)
- 6% sell fee

XRE holders
earn free stays

- XRE token holders can qualify for free nights stays at short term rentals.
- use XRE for rent and receive a discount monthly
- Stake your XRE to earn % depending on length of freeze time

Tokenization of Real Estate

- accredited investors may earn
- fractional ownership of a property
- trade your token on an exchange
* some or all of these methods can change due to regulations or restrictions, may not be available to all persons.

About the project

If you’re a home owner looking to move on, we will come and carry out a free, no-obligation valuation on your property at your earliest convenience. If you choose to use us to market your property. 

If you’re looking for a home then pop in and see us or Contact Us. We market all our properties on the big property websites and our own site. We may have something new on our books that you could see first before we start our marketing. You don’t want to miss out on your perfect home!

Property Management

Landlords are becoming more interested in accepting crypto as payments. XRE Global is working on a full service property managment platform that allows landlord to accept crypto, stables coins as well as as fiat. 

Your future is looking bright!