XRE GLobal

Blockchain is a new technology that offers security against fraud, better transparency for everyone versus the systems currently availiable.  We believe at XRE that block chain is the best use case for real estate. Most companies are at a development stage. We at XRE will extend the development out to actual usage cases.  Shown below is a decryption of  how buying and selling with XRE Global will create a better tomorrow and speed up the way we buy and sell real estate forever . 


What We Do


XRE titles will be registered as a normal transaction.Transactions will be recorded on the block chain. XRE will work with national Realtors association, local and global governments to comply with the complexity of today title process. Demonstrating the advantages as well as the flawless process.

Untitled Properties

Several countries in the world lack the structure of a secured titling system. XRE will work with these home owners / governments to bringing ownership to these owners that rightfully own the land. Recording each property on the block chain and creating new opportunites to those home owners to own land like they never have.


Dapps are the future of real estate transactions. Dapps are systems that will give the ability for apartment owners and leasers to use block chain for a secure, transparent way to send transactions.

Prevents Title fraud

According to the F.B.I. there was over 21 billion worth of wire fraud in 2018. Transactions on XRE use a public ledger, means you will be able to see where your funds are going always. Live data will allow for instant verification of the transaction


Scalability is an essential set of issues that must be tackled as blockchain technologies become more popular. It’s particularly difficult to build for scalability and to maintain backward compatibility. Solutions are being proposed, XRE tackles these forms of problems with great persistence details.

Build for more

Projects with in XRE will inspire and prove to work for a better tomorrow. Planning for today and building for tomorrow. Creating a world many can only imagine.


XRE Asset

The ability to manage properties using block chain. The profit that XRE Global will endure enhances our financial returns through base management fees. Investing profits back into other assets and buy backs with our own token.


Owning our own properties means we are able to sell or rent to anyone using XRE token. XRE will be used on a dapp system. Apply, pay and own. Earn for on time payments.

"The general public was not interested in how to run a developers program for email when it first came out. They were interested in how it could better their life. It is the same with block chain and smart contracts. They want a faster, more transparent, fully secure system that will make life easier. The people at XRE will bring this to the people. Until the rest of the world of block chain gets that, crypto and block chain will always be in the shadows of a centralized world.
Robert Tarquin
CEO : XRE GLobal