Earn XRE
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How to earn XRE

Freezing tokens

How to earn XRE

Agents that sign up and list their first property on XRE Properties
Recruit new buyers to XRE Global Site
When you pay rent with XRE
Freezing Tokeen

rEGULATIONS AND governments

Regulatory Compliance U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the U.S. Supreme Court have repeatedly emphasized that it is the economic realities, rather than the moniker such as “utility” token, that are the governing considerations. The regulatory environment for block chain and the digital coin is still at an early stage of development and continues to be fluid, and it is not possible to predict how the SEC may apply existing law to new technology and applications.
Property Purchased
List potential Returns Per property
XRE Holders Freezes Tokens
Income Profits are Recorded
Token holders are rewarded in XRE

We will do our utmost to comply with the development of all legal and regulatory policies, but we cannot foresee how the regulations will affect our project and platform development.
In the United States, XRE will strictly comply with relevant laws and regulations, including, but not limited to real estate, finance, securities, and other related laws and regulations. At the same time, XRE will strictly comply with the current laws and regulations relating to promoters’ restrictions and foreign exchange control. In any area where XRE carries out the relevant block chain business, XRE will comply with local laws and regulations, including, but not limited to, registration, approval, filing and other related procedures

Use Case

4 billion tokens have been set aside

XRE Rent

Plans to use XRE for a house or rental payment will be implemented.  An outline of the process will allow your landlord to register with XRE. Compete all forms to become a verified landlord. Creating a secure way to pay your rent.